Shamba in Rusinga Island, Kenya

Rusinga Shamba Project

One of the most serious problems affecting all aspects of life on Rusinga Island is the lack of Sustainable Agriculture.

Most landowners on the island plant only in the "long rains" season in the spring. The resulting harvest is at the mercy of the rains. Many times the crop is less than acceptable or not at all.

The Shamba Project was initiated to accomplish three things:

  • To get arable land into production on a year-long basis
  • To supply security against goats and hippotamus(s)
  • Provide training, seed, and equipment to insure a successful operation

The recipient of the Shamba Grant must meet several criteria:

  • The recipient must own the land
  • The recipient must be a year-round farmer
  • The recipient must practice "Permaculture" Concepts
  • The recipient must agree to provide support for student school fees

Rusinga Island Shamba Project
Rusinga Island Shamba Project

The Model

The Shamba Project began with St. Josephs Girls Secondary School at Kakrigu.

Mr. William Obwaya created a program to keep students in school when they could not raise school fees. In order to fund the children's fees he began to farm the school's agricultural land.

The shamba now produces greens and vegetables for the school, which is a savings, along with produce sales which fund needy students' school fees.

A secondary benefit is achieved through the students themselves. Students spend time in the Shamba planting, weeding, harvesting and learning how to become self sufficient.

The Plan

The shamba plan is a self contained kit that provides for all of the elements necessary to establish, secure and maintain a farm space for the benefit of the owner and ultimately the community through increased fresh food supply and cash for school fees for needy students.

Rusinga Island Shamba Project

The Goal

The goal is to identify and establish the first year round candidates for Shamba development. The RICF works through a community based organization on Rusinga Island that also serves as its board of directors.

Rusinga Island Children's Fund is a 501(c)(3) of the federal income tax code.

Your contributions are needed and greatly appreciated.

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